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At Central Watch Security we have years of experience as retail security solution providers in offering effective private security solutions that combine highly trained human capital with cutting-edge technology in electronic security equipment, which makes us a professional, reliable and Quality Company. Our commitment is the protection and surveillance of public and private sectors as well as: corporate, manufacturing, commercial, educational, construction, health, industrial, residential as well as small and medium enterprises. We are a retail security solution providers in the UK offering


Closed Circuit TV (CCTV).

We install, in different brands and budgets, a complete security system for surveillance (from the most basic to the most sophisticated methods), as well as the installation of Digital Recording Systems.

We offer a set of security elements to warn and communicate an abnormal situation.


  • Basic
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV).
  • Electrified fences.
  • Digital controls of access and assistance.


Our task is to create integrated solutions with the best techniques and the highest technology, to each of the security and monitoring needs of the different areas of the company. Our philosophy is to maintain as a constant the best quality, professionalism, and commitment in the design, development and implementation of each of the solutions we create.


Access Control for People and Vehicles

Through an electronic device, the entry and exit of authorised persons and vehicles to restricted areas or security areas is controlled. To fulfil this purpose, authorised personnel must have a card, proximity key or touch memory, which, due to its technology, are practically impossible to duplicate and easy to use for employees and/or authorised personnel. The peace of mind that our customers have in their industries and companies thanks to our access control service is our greatest satisfaction.


Satellite Tracking

Until a few years ago, the thought of applications for satellite tracking of vehicles was limited only to certain sectors. Nowadays, civilian applications of satellite positioning are in full swing, allowing these sophisticated technologies to arrive to solve everyday problems of ordinary citizens. Central Watch Security offers the service of satellite tracking of vehicles with which through a system GPS to a base station in which the monitoring is done the graphics display is sent location of the vehicle and storing the information on your travels The information received in real time includes the time, date, speed and position of the vehicle on the planet.

A satellite locator is a tool for tracking the routes of trucks and vehicle tracking very reliable and stable, which can be used to recover vehicles against theft, and monitor vehicles for distribution and supervision.


Canine Protection and Narcotics Detectors

The different breeds used for safety in this are the German shepherd, the Labrador retriever, the Golden Retriever, the Belgian Shepherd Milionis, Dutch Shepherd, Springer Spaniel, among others.


Canine Selection

The selection of these animals must be very careful and above all observe very strong natural instincts in the dog such as hunting, collection, prey, reward and high olfactory instincts. The program sniffer dogs of drugs have given very positive results in all countries of the world which shows us the invaluable ability, loyalty and skill of our best friend: the dog. Currently, in addition to detecting dogs of narcotics, we have detectors canes of corpses and explosives. Canine units support units in the metropolitan region. This unit fulfils different functions and missions divided into the following areas: pedagogical, operational, institutional, administrative and technical presentation. With the mission of forming canine guides and drug detection dogs, the necessary preventions to satisfy the needs of the client.

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