Professional Concierge Security Officers in UK 


According to the needs and special requirements of each of our clients, Central Watch Security puts two service options at the Residential and Business level.


Private Security

Central Watch offer a service adhering to public safety regulations with personnel trained operationally and with the corresponding registry granted by the Secretary of Public Safety. The staff is trained in the field of surveillance, discipline, loyalty, responsibility, self-training, and self-defence. All this to safeguard and protect the interests and properties of our customers, with the aim of preventing accidents, illicit and any disaster that might occur within the service facilities.

The security guards have uniform and intercom equipment to report any anomaly to the base of the company, being constantly monitored.



Concierge security guards service designed primarily to meet the basic needs of members who live in a condominium, supporting basic activities such as:

  • Be aware of the access door to the condominium.
  • Carry out minor maintenance and care work in common areas.
  • Turn lights on and off.
  • Clean common areas.
  • Receive correspondences.
  • Report any problem or incident to Central Watch Security.
  • Among others…


We offer tailored solutions for Concierge security officers in UK. We have the ability to work with companies from different sectors to ensure the safety of their properties, assets, and personnel. Our security guards and officers are trained to the highest industry standards and offer a full portfolio of services.


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