About Central Watch Security

Our success has been and continues to be built on successful and long-standing client relationships. We conform to BS 7499 and BS 7858 Manned Guarding Operating Standards and have achieved accreditation to ISO 9001. We feel these standards and awards to be the foundation of our business.


Recognition aside, we are driven by the need to constantly develop our services. The security industry, as well as clients’ needs, is constantly changing. We pride ourselves on adapting to these changes and offering innovative solutions.


Our vast experience and management excellence has proven vital to our success, ensuring that we attract and recruit the very best staff. Ultimately we are able to provide you with a security service, with a focus on integrity, loyalty and trust.


We are happy to work with you as partners and provide you with our wealth of experience in the security field.

The main thing to note above all is to provide excellent customer service.